Our History and Drive

2016 was the start of our journey. Both working on innovations within wel respected companies in the Netherlands, Dennis Groot (KPN) and Marcel Kuil (Rabobank) were wondering: What is the impact of trust on our ambitions in innovation? Why are similar innitatives with for example data received differently per company? Is being Trusted as a company a blessing or a curse?

TrustReinvented was initiated with the help of the Essence of knowing who invited Jeanne Jacobs-Gilhuis (Schiphol) and Stefan Taubert (Achmea) to join to get a better understanding of Trust. What is it? What is the value? Is the value decreasing? And if so, how can we stop this? A Thinktank was born and this was the beginning of a journey and that is open for anyone to join.

To get on board we created a paper and a video as a starting point. These are in Dutch.

Innovatie en Vertrouwen Paper november 2017

From here on we use this website to create and respond to stories to reinvent trust.